Easy-TimeShare Gives You Month-to-Month Freedom!

Freedom is the largest single attribute in favor of renting your computer services using the time-share concept. With time-share, you do not need to buy a complex multi-user computer. You do not have to spend thousands to install it, or tens of thousands to connect it safely to the Internet. You do not have to have a highly skilled and paid administrator on staff to tune it or fix things that go wrong. This is done by specialists administering very large systems. You can use standard plug-together components, and rent the services instead. While you still need to buy your PCs, or dumb terminals, you would need these anyway, and you can get them repaired by a local computer shop on a carry-in basis.

Freedom means you can rapidly adapt. If your business grows, needing more people or offices, it can expand without huge capital investments. If it needs to move, your costs of relocation are only a fraction. If it is seasonal, you can tune costs to revenue flows by scaling service up and back. If it needs to down-size, you can do so with the certainty that costs will decline, rather than being a fixed burden, as with a lease or depreciable asset.

Freedom is what we sell. Whether your business is big or small, pay-as-you-go, with nothing more than a 30 day termination notice required gives you the peace of mind to know that your computing services and budget will adjust to the needs of your business, rather than acting as an anchor weighing on business flexibility and responsiveness.