Easy-TimeShare Can Provide Low Cost Disaster Recovery

If you need a viable low-cost disaster-recovery plan for your business, Easy-TimeShare is your solution. With pre-reserved disk-space, users, and band-width, we can have you going 24 hours after you yell "fire." All you have to do is deliver us a set of tapes which we then load on our system. Our dual facilities give you coverage anywhere in the world, and our access to the Internet assures that you can set up replacement facilities anywhere, even in a hotel or anywhere else you can find an internet connection. Our flexible connection technology to deliver access to individuals or workgroups. Call us for a quote on this highly competitive service.

Or prevent disaster! EasyCo's dual systems can be used to prevent a disaster. At the high end, we can give you hot backup facilities as an intrinsic part of our service, thus giving you parallel operating systems, and virtually no down time, even if we experience a disaster.