Easy-TimeShare Gives You Connectivity!

Easy-TimeShare is not just about processing your data. We also provide you network connectivity options which can greatly enhance productivity: Consult our price list for the cost of these competitively valued options.

Your own Internet Domain Presence: Because we are an Internet based service, we can run your own business for you with your own domain name, giving you an easy-to-refer to presence on the web, complete with mail and all other services.

Internet E-mail: Because we are an Internet based product, E-mail is an intrinsically available service. You can have all the mailboxes you need, with mail downloadable from anywhere in the world, and with some ancillary software, even readable and writable from "dumb terminals." Consult our price list for details on this service.

Fax-on-demand: Once you have e-mail service, anything you can e-mail can also be faxed using companies who specialize in mail to fax conversion: even attachments such as word and excel documents! The cost of such services is normally very affordable: no more than the cost of the same document faxed as part of a long-distance telephone call.

Dynamic Web Page Serving And Receiving: Coyote web services is an intrinsic part of our product, and the Coyote server can talk directly with your database, allowing you to develop web enabled applications, support e-commerce, and a host of other activities. The Coyote server is so flexible that it can act as a browser as well as a server. Thus, for example, you could also develop batch applications which would pole your delivery service, confirm on-time delivery, and if delivery was not on time, prepare an exception list which would allow you to ask the carrier for a credit when they did not meet their delivery promises.

Practical multi-user connectivity saves you oodles of money. All of the services referenced are easily implemented, and are pre-resident on our servers. This means that you can start using them at extremely low cost. Conversely, were you to implement the same in your own environment, the implementation costs could be astronomical (in some cases as much as $100,000 for implementing all of the above services) due to the high cost of customized consulting to buy the software, implement the services themselves, and implement the firewall and other general controls needed to give you a secure connection to the web while providing relevant open doors.